Essence Project 117

Ladies and Gentlemen,

as a result of the ESSENCE project a prototype of the ESSENCE logistics platform was created, which is intended to assist companies in shaping their own delivery networks, coordinating and directing them,  optimizing their transportation resources and handling with exceptions.

Tests of the prototype were held in June and July 2014 by companies recruited from all project regions. Now, after taking into account amendments from the testing period, you have the opportunity to independently get to know the ESSENCE platform. You may assess  whether it is useful for your business activity and share with us your comments about the functionality of the tool.

We hope to develop our platform in the future, until it becomes a full-featured tool.

We invite you then to test our



In order to obtain a unique login and password, please contact the ESSENCE project team:

We also invite you to contact directly with the ESSENCE project team who will be happy answer any question related to the functioning of the ESSENCE platform and the project.

Central Europe Cooperating for successEuropean Union European Regional Development Fund
This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.